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Brian Mason

Brian Mason is a poet, dreamer and a silly heart who enjoys nothing more than hearing and telling a good story.  He is fascinated by tales of ghosts, monsters and whatever goes bump in the night.   He grew up in Port Sanilac, Michigan and experienced a childhood unlike any other, filled with entrancing characters who moulded him into the person he is today.   He has been raised and surrounded by like minded individuals from day one and, through his life, he has sought out people and places that would inspire his life and work.  As a child, his community peers never said anything was impossible as they nurtured creative little minds. "When I feel challenged about life's direction or question my existence and purpose, I just travel home to find myself again.  That is where my story begins and ends really.  Port Sanilac and her people hold all the secrets of what makes me tick." he explains.

Brian currently resides in Marshall, Michigan with his sweetheart and wife, Courtney, and their children, both human and furry.  He is the curator and originator of the famed Marshall Carriage Co. & Ghost Tours which he previously owned for nearly seven years.  Brian enjoys spending his time with family and friends and, when he isn't creating, he is usually outside in his garden or can be found in town somewhere chatting over a cup of coffee or a pint.  He and his family travel between Michigan and their beloved Sanibel Island, FL.  Brian is passionate about living a life of intention.  He is currently working on another paranormal adventure, Hauntings from Bark Shanty.  

Haunted Marshall

Enjoy a collection of true accounts as told to

the author, Brian Mason, over his nine years of gathering paranormal tales, legends and folklore from one of America's most haunted towns Marshall, Michigan. This is the most in depth collection of Michigan ghost encounters ever compiled for one city.   Marshall is a hotspot for history enthusiasts, ghost hunters, mediums and curious travelers who enjoy its quiet, almost eerily secretive charm. Her grand homes of days past whisper their stories to passersby.  It is one of the most well-kept hauntings of Michigan... until now. 

 Most famously known for its "almost" win for State Capitol, the city boasts a host of triumphs and failures.  They have included the loss of its position as a busy railroad town and then the discontinuation of Patent Medicine by the FDA, of which Marshall was the center of for the midwest.  It is truly a history lovers dream.  Through it all, the haunted part of Marshall has awaited its time, silently cultivating legends and lore that have seeped deep into its history and late into its nights.  


From bodies buried in yards and a little girl haunted by a ghost with the same name to blood money that created one of the most treasured homes in town.  From a hilltop residence that possesses the trapped souls from a family's days of dabbling in the occult, to a chef who cannot seem to leave his most famed restaurant.  Through this book, Marshall stands to gain her place in the realm of the most haunted places, not only Michigan but America as well.  Over the years Brian has played an important role in bringing these tales to life and has tried to carefully reconstruct their best case accounts.

Marshall's stories are no longer for the campfires nor rumor filled pubs,

coffee houses or school aged Halloween scares.  They are now for you to ponder, debate, debunk or perhaps go to see for yourself, either way the stories are here to stay, trapped within these pages, immortalized in print.  Brian has spent his years in Marshall preserving these local tales through his successful horse drawn ghost tour business and has finally created a place for all of them to be presented within this book.  Fact or fiction, this work is by a man that has lived in a world quite unlike most as he ventured into the spaces between worlds,  where darkness meets the light, where time stands still.  These are his stories, written to his best account, gifted from many many lips, and now saved for generations.  This is his Haunted Marshall.  

September 15,  2017 release!  

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